BinaryDrawable for Android: easily bundle small images into Android JAR files

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TL;DR: BinaryDrawable is a simple library to let you convert image files into Java source files for the Android platform.

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On the Android platform our SDK is really simple: we provide a JAR file that has the implementations of the helpdesk, contextual help and live chat Activity classes, as well as a number of support classes. But: we have icons we use in the Activity classes, and we really didn't want to have to use an Android library project. We like the simplicity of just using a single JAR file. In the desktop Java world, distributing images and other non-code resources inside JAR files is fairly common. However on Android the build tools process any JAR files and only include class files in the final output: resources need to go into the res folder. For most libraries you can use a library project to have your resources included, but for an extra 10kB of images that seemed excessive to us.

Our first thought was to draw the images on-demand: pop open a Picture, grab the canvas and then paint onto that, then stick it into a PictureDrawable so we can use it on Buttons and ImageViews.

Since the images were all small, this seemed like a great idea. But then we figured that if the images are so small, why bother manually painting the images: can we directly convert the image bytes into painting code? And of course the answer was yes.

Enter BinaryDrawable: a tiny little code generator that takes in an image file and outputs a Java source file that will return an Android Bitmap of the source image. We read the file, generate a byte array with the data and then decode that byte array on demand using the Android BitmapFactory class. You'll get a Java source file you can add to your Android project, and that file will get nicely bundled into your apk file by the Android build tools.

Usage is simple: just invoke the jar file with the image file and the output class name (with an optional package name).

java -jar binarydrawable.jar -i <image file> -o <class name> -p <package name>

As an example:

java -jar binarydrawable.jar -i disconnected.png -o Disconnected -p

will produce the file Once you add it to your project, you can get a Bitmap using

Bitmap b =;

or a BitmapDrawable using

BitmapDrawable d =;

The code is available at take a look and see if its helpful for you.

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